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Meet our Board

Phil Terry

President &

Show Chair

John Bloodworth
Vice President

Tommie Thigpen 

Debbie Zachary


Frank Thompson

Class Coordinator

Dan Pritchett

Publicity Chair

Greg Guyette


Glenda Anderson

Facebook Editor

Who we are...

North Alabama Woodcarvers Association was founded in 1981 with the mission of promoting the art of woodcarving throughout the community as well as  providing a venue where woodcarvers could learn, share, and exhibit their work.  We are growing every year, largely through our class program which we offer every year.


NAWA holds a monthly Club Meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Oak Park Baptist Church, 2105 Cloys Avenue, NE, Huntsville, AL 35811.  Bring your carving projects with you.  We also host free Open Carving Sessions each week where anyone may bring a carving project of their choice and work at their own pace.  You can go to the OPEN CARVING page for more information and to see locations.  This is a wonderful opportunity to begin carving, to hone your skills, or to just have a fun and relaxing few hours.


Come join the fun...

Stanley Tucker.JPG
Jerry Kresge.JPG
Betty Tucker, Tressa Thompson, Peggy Fow
Jergan Houkel, DAvid Fowler, Roger, Fuzz

The Eagle Has Landed

A number of area carvers, including several from NAWA, banded together back in 1988 to create an incredible work of art which can be seen in the lodge at Guntersville State Park, site of the Conservation Department's Eagle Restoration Program.  It took almost 1 year and over 2,000 hours of work to complete.  It was dedicated by then Governor Guy Hunt on January 14, 1989. You really must see this to truly appreciate it so be sure to stop by the lodge the next time you are at the park.

We are happy to say that Phil Williams, one of our charter members, who was a carver on this project, is still an active member of NAWA.  Not only is Phil available to help anyone, any time but he graciously volunteers to teach in our carving class program each year, passing on his many years of experience and wisdom to his students.  


gville - profile.jpg



A number of our members joined in the Town Creek Carvers Project which had as its mission, the design and development of an area at Guntersville State Park that would generate public interest and would contribute to the ongoing Eagle Awareness activities. 

Pictured to the right - our past President Jose Martin and his magnificent wood spirit carving which he donated to the project.  You can view more info and see lots of pictures here TOWN CREEK CARVERS PROJECT!

Town Creek Carvers

jose with spirit carving.png

Chittamwood Walking Stick Project


NAWA members, with permission from the Land Trust, gathered fallen chittam wood and created beautiful walking sticks and other items.

Tom and Sandra Horn graciously offered their home as a workspace where the sticks were cleaned and shaped.  Seen here on their way into the woods, returning with their finds, cleaning and shaping, "supervising", and finally, resting after a hard day's work.  

Many beautiful items were fashioned out of this wood, which would otherwise have gone to waste, and were auctioned off at the Moon Over Three Caves Dance to benefit the ongoing work of the Land Trust of North Alabama.  

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